Sony's own Eye Glass is now all cleared to launch!

09 Feb, 2015 - Posted by Upcoming Devices Team.
Sony Eye glass
Sony Eye Glass

Sony Smart Eye Glass which was demonstrated at CES 2015 has been recently certified by FCC. It is going to be launched any time now.

Sony Eye glass

Sony was trying to create something similar to the Google Glass. Now, after the latest turn of events at Google, which is on the verge of shutting down its Google glass project, Sony's plan to sell its own glass has taken a shock. We all have to wait and see now as to how Sony tries to market its own glass and convince customers to buy it.

The concept of this glass is to see active real time information in front of eyes like to see notifications, get directions, see players name while watching a cricket match and many more.

Check out detailed features about Sony’s Smart eye glass in our exclusive article here “Sony's Smart EyeGlass Going Eye to Eye against Google Glass!

Sony Eye glass

Another innovative idea from sony is SmartEyeGlass attach. This surprising device can be attached to the existing eye glasses for sport and fitness use.

This project is an open source and developers can find more ways to make it better. It is primarily designed for runners to help them navigate in new cities. It will make all the information accessible at all the times.

This SmartEyeglass Attach device is also a waterproof device, so runners can use this device even when heavily sweating without a worry.

There is no official confirmation on launch date of this device. We are eagerly waiting for the same.

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